Eric Leitzen, Renaissance Man. Teacher, writer, historian; actor, academic, and accidental activist. Born in the 80s and raised in the 90s, with siblings from the 70s and parents of the 60s. He is Generation Extant: left over from the generations that came before him. Aware of the past, working for the present, planning for the future, he is often five years ahead of the curve when it comes to having the right ideas about politics, society, the economy, and life in general.

This site contains over ten years of stories, writings, thoughts, columns, articles and multimedia of all genres, styles, and points of view. Feel free to take a look around:

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Welcome to Generation Extant. And now, a word from the man himself:

This website is as much an exhibition of my work as it is a tribute to those past decades. Generation Extant means “that which is left from a generation.” I’ve got the Idealism of the Sixties, the Creativity of the Seventies, the Shrewdness of the Eighties, the Cynicism of the Nineties, and the Pragmatism of Today. I’m part of a generation not defined by age or year of birth, but by common circumstances felt by people all over the world in a global era not seen since my grandparents’ time. I, along with many others, are members of a generation unstuck in time, unbound by labels or stereotypes. We are apart from the others; we come from all ages, races, genders, creeds, origins, and our only uniting principle is that we are all together in our thoughts and opinions. This website is a collection of those thoughts and opinions as they have been born, changed, and reformed over time. Welcome to the sandbox; shovels optional.


Eric M. Leitzen

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Child of the 80s, family of the 70s, parents of the 60s