Peanut Butter Head returns!

This class is going to kill me. It’s not that I don’t love history, in fact I think I love it so much I can’t dissect it and rip it apart in a class. It’s my secret lover, I can’t kill it, I can’t cut it open and destroy my love of it just for pure scientific interest! It’s like when the Second Doctor used Jamie for an experiment to determine the human factor, I think it was in the Evil of the Daleks…I just can’t tear my loved ones apart for scientific means…does that make me a bad Time Lord?
I see such austerity in the history world. It’s always blah blah, theories and facts and research. Not to be a jackass, but what’s really left to talk about until we just end up making the same inferences someone made two hundred or twenty years ago? You can’t just dwell on the past forever, know what I mean? Perhaps we need another information crash, like the library at Alexandria, so we can finally have “new” ideas again…
I’m not in it for the research, or the endless poring over dry books written by dry people in dry little rooms. History’s not so dry, it’s much more…squishy. It’s alive and pulsating with life, the life of countless people who have contributed to it. I don’t want to talk about research and theory…I want to tell a story. THE story. The story of everything, really. I want to show the amazing characters, the inexplicable plot, the fantastic events…it’s really a great story! I just can’t sit in the ivory towers with the intellectuals anymore and debate the meanings of words…I want to get out there! I want to spread the story, so people don’t think it’s boring and dry anymore. I want to bring it to the masses, I want to create a better understanding and quality and maybe, just maybe, avoid repeating or coming close to repeating mistakes of the past. There are corners of the universe that have spawned dreadful things, and they MUST be fought, and I for one am sick of talking about history and I’d rather go out there, tell the story, educate, elevate, and send those dreadful things back into the dank mists of time to be forever confined with ignorance.
Until tomorrow, I tenderly remain,

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