A delivery man walks up a flight of stairs with a box under his arm. He stops before a wooden door that reads “A. Williams, Proprietor” and knocks.
“Who is it?” Comes a man’s voice.
“UPS. Got a package for a Will Stafford.”
“Right! Come on in!”
The door swings open to a queer apartment. It was obviously the remains of the office for the drugstore, whose remains are now the Mexican grocery on the first floor. Little bits have been salvaged and used as decoration: an old soda fountain, a few old metal signs, and a massive cash register straight out of the 1950s. A skinny man in his late twenties is standing on the hardwood floors, a television playing “Jeopardy” in the background. It continues on, indistinct, as the delivery man begins.
“I got a package for a Will Stafford,”
A woman in her early thirties, strong looking, enters from the kitchen with a cup of coffee. The gangly man waves. The delivery man cares not for cordiality.
“You him?” he jabs a finger at the man.
“Mrhm?” The man babbles.
“Are you Will Stafford?”
The man sighs, as if this is something he is very tired of, and instead jerks his finger to the woman in the background.
The man speaks.
“You Will Stafford…miss?”
The woman walks forward, looking at the man.
“Buenos Aries.”
She turns to the delivery man.
“Wilhemina Stafford, that’s me.”
“Ah! Okay. Sign this.”
“No problem.”
“So,” the delivery man begins, glancing about, “you’re Will Stafford, and I got another package for this address for an Ashley Bannister. 467 1/2 ¬†East Tremont, Ashley Bannister. You got another roommate?”
The young man, who has turned his back to watch Jeopardy, raises his hand solemnly.
“Ashley Bannister. That’s my package, I’ll sign.”
“Awright. You two…you have a good day now.”
“Thanks.” they say in unison as the delivery man leaves. In the background, Alex Trebek expounds:
“Buenos Aries is correct, and you are our new Jeopardy champion!”
“Dammit.” Ashley swears under his breath.
“You’re making dinner tonight then, eh?” Will laughs, teasing him, “I’m thinking Italian,” she turns to change the channel.
Ashley turns to address the camera.
“Yes, I’m Ashley Bannister. Twenty-eight, Aquarius, likes kittens. This is my roommate, Will Stafford. She’s a great girl, but we’re just good friends…”
Will exits back into the kitchen. Ashley becomes very conspiratory.
“Actually I’m completely in love with her, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Can’t endanger the friendship, can’t endanger the rent. So I just kinda sit here, helpless…”
“Who’s helpless?” Will has re-entered, “I hope you’re not helpless in makin’ me some dinner! Italian, with a red sauce if you please.”
Ashley sighs, grins to the camera, and goes to make dinner.
“What was in your package?”
Will looks at several photos and resumes of beautiful young women.
“Work.” She drones, “yours?”
Ashley chances a glance at his. It’s full of grinning cartoon characters.

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