I’m going, Ma, I’m going
Your son has heard the call
There’s right that needs its doing
I’m leaving in the fall.

I’m leaving, Ma, I’m leaving
The leaves are orange and red
They clash with me in drab green
And to the plane I’m lead

I’m shooting, Ma, I’m shooting
He got me in the knee
Is he friend or is he foe
Or is he enemy

And the band will play God Bless America
But why no one will bother to say
Why are we sending our sons off to die
Why can’t there be some other way?

I’m bleeding, Ma, I’m bleeding
I sure do miss the farm
The soft warm days in autumn
As they blow off my arm.

I’m thinking, Ma, I’m thinking
Of all my days in school
Surrender to my memories
And play the part of fool.

And the band will play God Bless America
But please, Mother, try not to cry.
The truth is that I am starting to die…
And fuck, I don’t even know why.

I’m dying, Ma, I’m dying
My life is fading fast
I wish I’d said I love you
More, I wish I’d made it last

I’m crying, Ma, I’m crying
What am I doing here?
It wasn’t pride that got me
I signed up out of fear.

I’m choking, Ma, I’m choking
The blood is in my lungs
Why did I throw it all away
Why did I die so young?

And the band will play God Bless America
And they’ll put a flag on the box
But tear that flag off, Mom, let them see my face
Riddled with metallic pox.

I hurts me, Ma, it hurts me
More than I thought it would
Not the guns, bombs, or debris
The thought of leaving you

I miss you, Ma, I miss you
I miss it all back home
Fight for me after my death
Don’t let these poor boys go.

Good bye now, Ma, good bye now
I know you love me so
I only wanted freedom
I didn’t want to go.

Let the band now play God Bless America
And let everyone fake their way through
But the truth is if they really listened and learned
They’d have to find something to do.

Stand beside her, and guide her…

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