I remember getting on the bus for the first time, and not having anyone to sit with. The daughter of one of the teachers let me sit next to her.
I remember the big things of glue.
I remember bringing in some brownies or cake or something at the end of the year because my birthday’s in July.
I remember the attached bathrooms and the sign language “T” if you had to use it.
I remember my teacher. She was old.
I remember the TinkerToys, and the plastic bucket stilts that were always so popular.
I remember being taken out of class to go to the library to read. I was the only one who could.
I remember my sister ripping up one of my library books, and I was so embarassed.
I remember Mr. M with the munchin’ mouth, I remember all the vowels being ladies and it bugged me because that meant E was a lady. Also, she liked to exercise. Blah.
I remember the green screen Apple IIe and playing Math games on honest-to-goodness floppies.
I remember two of the smelly, kinda icky looking kids sharing their first little-kid kiss in the hallway between the two classes. It was big news that day. Right next to the computer. Between the computer and the coat racks.
I remember how the two rooms were connected, and they were really white.
I remember wishing I had the other teacher, everyone said she was cool.
I remember getting home at just the right time to see Sesame Street. My Mom would often make me fried egg sandwiches, just like Mr. Strong liked. With ketchup, of course. Or sometimes fried bologna and cheese with chicken soup.
I remember often running the whole way up the driveway, so full of energy.
I remember bringing my baby blanket for show-n-tell, and then almost losing it crossing the highway from the bus to home. I was so scared it would blow away forever.
I remember my morning bus driver. Cool guy. I remember the late morning bus driver. She was scary and mean.
I remember snap button jeans.
I remember going over to the other class for some presentation.
I think the book was Max the Bunny or something like that. Also, it got all scribbled over with crayon.

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