First Grade

I remember my teacher. She was awfully crabby.
I remember having older kids (fourth or fifth grade) coming in to read with us.
I remember having a teddy bear’s picnic, all the kids bringing in our own bears.
I remember my neighbor being in the class, but moved halfway through the year. Used to play telephone over at his house with his sister and my brother and sister…the kid would always lose because he had a speech impediment.
I remember one of my friends had 100 pencils in his desk. He moved away too.
I remember feeling like a penguin walking in the lunch line for one of the first times, little by little.
I remember that the food was ghastly, but I was hungry.
I remember making a salad with some horrible ranch dressing, and being upset that I had to throw it out. It was nasty, really.
I remember trying to covertly sneak my “Cowboy Stew” into the garbage without anyone seeing. Cowboy Stew was basically the last week’s food all smashed together.
I remember trying to say I didn’t want any Cowboy Stew (my brothers had warned me) but before I could say anything the brownish lump, complete with a tater tot jutting out of it at an odd angle, blomped onto my tray. After that, I literally held my tray behind me when it came time.
I remember playing in the playground, having three recesses, and seeing how high I could get on those old rocker/rider thingies.
I think the door was orange.
I remember having a lady who turned out to be my seventh grade geography teacher come every once in a while and take me out of class to do gifted & talented stuff. I was working on a story called “the Underwater Adventure.” Still have it. Made it on one of those ancient .bmp programs like Kid Pix or KidWorks or something like that. Never did finish it, she stopped coming.
I remember the solar system, but not teaching it.
I remember the bomb threat, which I didn’t know was a bomb threat, we just wound up sitting in the gym singing the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.”
I remember trying out for the wrestling team, and being soundly beaten by one of the premier wrestling family’s progeny. I also remember that they didn’t have a singlet big enough for me.
I only remember a little bit about this creepy ass program they showed to the little kids about Nuclear Holocaust. Just a girl singing “Mr. President, will there be no more trees?” Seriously.
I remember thinking I saw my pre-K teacher in the first grade hallway (she was a first grade teacher also) but I only saw the person from behind and I was embarassed. It wasn’t her.
I remember lining up alphabetically by name.
I remember being able to eat outside on the last day of school.
I remember being sad that I missed Sesame Street now.
I remember doing a cut and paste for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
I remember the flip top desks.
I remember having my Mom come in and read the class the legend of the Indian Paintbrush. Later in the year, it came up and someone said it was someone else’s Mom who had read it, not mine. I didn’t say anything, but I was hurt.
I remember not quite having any social groups yet.
I remember going to music class for the first time, and loving it except for the stupid “ta-ta-tas” counting along to the music.
I remember making fun of another kid for his bad drawings. Then the kid got all upset and ran at the teacher, so I had to defuse it by discrediting my own drawings. I mean yeah, his were just heads on boxes, but mine didn’t have any fingers. That kid became my rival for years.
I remember not being all that happy, but getting my work done and stuff. The teacher’s attitude really didn’t help, she didn’t seem to want to be there, looking back.
Teachers I remember so far: Froegel, Rickard, Hamm, Myers, Abel.
I remember often being late for CCD on Wednesdays because there was no bus and I sucked at making the 1/4 mile walk in time. My brother wouldn’t slow down for me, either. But it’s ok. I forgive him 🙂

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