Second Grade

New Teachers remembered: Lindner, Weirauch, Hartung, Gripentrog.
I remember the dinosaur action figures and the chemistry books I read in my spare time.
I remember getting my paper in first so it’d be the first handed out.
I remember finally getting my coloring on the back wall when I did it “like a girl.”
I remember getting 100% on a spelling test and getting a little neat skeleton toy for it. It was near Halloween.
I remember learning cursive at the end of the year.
I remember we almost had a tornado. I freaked.
I remember one of the kids went home with pinkeye. I touched his desk. I thought I was being brave.
I remember traveling trophy in Math, and hating to lose.
I remember the cocky Lucas, and my first referral fighting with Nathan Shaw, who was also being annoying via a game of playground football.
I remember the Arrowheads, a football team I attempted to create with all of my friends, complete with formations and plays.
I remember teaching Sarah Hamman how to play football. She’s married now.
I remember the dog magnet with my name on it we used for seating on the blackboard. Still have it.
I remember writing a poem about Wisconsin.
I remember copying a recipe out of our Math book that my family still uses.
I remember being told to use the stress card when I would get all flustered. I’d hold my thumb to the pad, and if it wasn’t blue or green, I couldn’t sit down. I used to get so frustrated I would cry. I still do.
I remember being particularly crabby one day and not participating in activites on the four cardinal directions.
I remember writing a sign and putting it on my desk: NO ONE BUG ME. I HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK.
I remember adopted a gray wolf, Nehani.
I remember making hats for endangered species. I made a snapping turtle. It was tricky to get the beak right, but it looked awesome.
I remember the song we sang for the manatee to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

I am a Manatee
They call me a sea cow
Once there were a lot like me
There aren’t too many now

I eat plants all day
I’m friendly as can be
I don’t do harm to anyone
So won’t you please save me?

I remember Reading Rainbow.
I remember being pulled out of Reading Rainbow one day to go to Gifted and Talented.
I remember watching a movie about Tornadoes. I still hate them.
I remember watching a movie about house fires. I still don’t like leaving lights on at night.
I remember my best friend’s phone number. Josh Spiegel. Ask me and I can tell you.
I remember going over to his house for my first sleepover. Watching the Beverly Hillbillies movie, Listening to the “Second Week of Deer Camp,” Playing rented NES games (he had the Flintstones which was awesome) and, of course, joking about how busty the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were.
I think this was the year Jerome Osborne tried to say we didn’t like him because he was black. Really, he was just a jerk and no one liked him.
I remember getting a black eye from a football thrown by my father. My fault, I didn’t catch it.
I remember fearing a second black eye during a playground scrum where I got a foot in said eye.
I remember accidentally saying “Hell” and Ryan Oldham (the kid whose drawings I had made fun of) threatening to turn me in.
I remember trying to recreate highlight music videos for myself and my friends like I used to see on TV.
On that note, I remember being obsessed with those sports compilation videos my brother would get from Sports Illustrated.
This might have been the year we played field hockey in the lawn with tennis balls and baseball bats, and I got one to the sensitive area.
I remember playing lots and lots of yard football.
Was this when Duchess died, our old Australian Shepherd? I think so.
I remember playing lots of yard baseball. My brothers were so nice to play with me.
I remember Legos, and lots of action figures. I’d set up things like an old arcade beat ’em up, with one of my heroes going through my room fighting them all in turn. The stairs were a waterfall stage.
I remember being so sad to leave that I tried to prolong the inevitable.
I remember reading Matt Christopher.
I remember first creating the Super League, an entire league with teams, players, and backstories. I still remember the Atlanta Armadillos star running back, Mike Smith, along with their wide receiver, BJ Spenglemeyer.

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