Third Grade

Teachers remembered: Skiff.
I remember forgetting how to spell “said.” I an act of childish idiocy, I shouted out “how do you spell said?” and the teacher yelled at me.
I remember getting a buzzcut, mainly for simplicity of combing and whatnot. I looked pretty dumb.
I remember first eating paper.
I remember playing a geopgraphy quiz wheel game thingie, and mentioning to my teacher how the company printed it wrong. Gobi isn’t the world’s biggest deset.
I remember being sat at the kitchen table by Mom and Dad. They said “we’re going to the store,” the store being on the other side of town and we being about 5 miles out of town, “you will have your multiplication tables done when we get back.” I counted them out on my fingers, but I got them, one through twelve. School only asked through ten.
I remember writing a story involving Warton, Morton, and Bo Jackson.
I remember forming a tumultuous friendship with Ben Brey. It’s not my fault, Josh was in another class.
I remember Sarah Hamman spilling tea on her lap over one weekend and having serious burns.
I remember having a sink in the back of class, but never using it.
Second referral. I swear I really didn’t moon those people.
Almost a third referral for mocking a janitor.
I remember Tom, this gargantuan Cro-Magnon of a third grader who enjoyed bullying me. Also, he wore the school swimsuits, which were…teeny. Barf.
I remember feeling kinda dorky, because all the cool kids had their trunks in bread bags, I just used a regular ziploc. Then again, I don’t like breadcrumbs on my shorts.
I can’t for the life of me remember his name, but I swear this was the first year there was the option of a male teacher…didn’t get it. Was sad.
I remember playing NES at Brey’s. Also remember getting a Blaster action figure and a football helmet. They did this weird thing at his house where you mixed cereals if you emptied one box and started another. And they used skim milk. ew. They had a small trampoline in their breezeway, and we watched X-Men.
Arrowheads membership dwindled.
I got into Punch-out and Tecmo Bowl. Spent time at my sister’s babysitter’s because they had Punch-out. Played Tecmo Bowl at Brey’s. They also had a Game Genie.
Was this the year I formed Aqua Iguana?
I remember only having five hours for Nintendo a week. Tecmo Basketball, Zelda, Rollergames, all of it.
I remember seeing a girl and thinking someone had shot a staple gun at her face. It was all pinched.
I remember my first tornado drill, head between the knees, et cetera. Had a comb with me. Don’t know why.
I remember weighing 81 pounds.
I remember adding embellishments like some American Idol wannabe to the concerts. At least I got that out of my system early.
I remember Seth Langreck not really singing, but screaming every song from the back row.
I remember poppers being popular. Those folded paper thingies where you pick a number and flip through the possible outcomes. Never learned how to fold one, though. Got mine on the lend. Then they got banned.

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