More names

Yep, I’m gonna dredge this up again.
I know that there were murmurs of unhappiness when I mentioned Der Flammenherr, so I have (really I have) been working hard to find a more… comic book name. Something that fits in a bit more.
So, without further ado, the best my pitiful mind can come up with these days:
Dr. Blaze (not enough Dr. in the comic world anymore)
X-O Thermik
Mr. Blister
The Keeper (Keeper of the Flame)
Captain Pyro
Dr. Caust
Belenus/Belenos/Bel (Celtic Fire God)
ummm… that’s about all I got.
I had an interesting idea though, about naming my character Johnny Pyro. Now, I’m not saying that this will or should or is going to work, but I like the idea of a group being formed of Johnnies. Johnny Pyro, Johnny Bolt, etc etc… I think it would add a bit of a Reservoir Dogs feel to it. Maybe, maybe not. I’ll let you people decide.
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