East Coast?

Sorry about going AWOL on you yesterday, folks. Stuff got busy, and I don’t have internet at my new place yet because the wireless WEP is being a jerkface 🙁
Aaaaaanyway, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, and I think I can say with a clear conscience that Greg Attonito is one of the most powerful singers in music today. Well, I suppose I should say “singers” per se, but I’ll get to that later. Mr. Attonito is the lead singer of the east-coast punk rock band known as the Bouncing Souls, fellows whose music alternates between rollicking tales of dumbassery and fun with friends to gut-check ballads of dark days and destinous decisions. Mr. Attonito, as lead singer of the band, has as his charge the task of spanning such a broad range of song styles, and does so with a flair that is all his own.
Much like Rex Harrison of “Doctor Doolittle” or “My Fair Lady,” Mr. Attonito doesn’t exactly sing his music. Now, of course, someone talk-singing like Rex Harrison won’t get too far in a high-octane punk scene (although I’d love to see it attempted) so Mr. Attonito decides instead to apply a musical style I like to call “shouting on pitch.” To be honest, I have no idea how the career vegetarian has the ability to belt out such musical vitriol without tearing into a hunk of Bambi or Thumper from time to time. I need a pound of bacon just to blink my eyes in the morning.
If Greg Graffin is a Mercedes, with smooth, intelligent engine notes, and Mike Ness is a vintage Corvette, with a power and gravity that is as steeped in Americana as George W. Bush is steeped in stupid juice, that would make Greg Attonito the equivalent of a Mack Truck. He’s coming at you, he’s loud, he’s intense, and you’d best get out of the way lest you wind up nothing but a bloody smear. The guy sings with such passion and raw emotion (much like my brother, actually, who you can hear at www.myspace.com/thedisabledwi) and at such an incredible volume, both aurally and spatially, that it’s almost overwhelming. Graffin inspires, Ness digs deep, and Attonito abrades the surface right off.
It may sound as if I’ve got a bit of a man-crush for the guy and, rest assured, if he asked me on stage to sing a boys’ love version of “Wish Me Well,” I’d be hard pressed to say no, let alone keep from squealing like a Beatles’ fan circa 1964. Tangentally, let me say that “Wish Me Well” is the most realistic love song ever written, no argument, shut up. That being said, my masculinity would be preserved until the day someone manages to genetically combine Graffin, Ness, and Attonito into one Golden God of Punk Rock Power, and in that case all bets in regards to my heterosexuality would be off. I strongly urge you to give the Bouncing Souls a try, especially if you want to hear the most raw power in a singing voice since probably Dame Melba. If nothing else, “the Something Special” is a song that should be heard at least once by every person on Earth before they croak.

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