The plains at Megiddo were scorched to a brown husk by Lucifer’s armies, leaving absolutely nothing of value in their wake. Everything that could have ever been anything was looted or destroyed, and a few fires still burned in the distance as the wicked of the world sat about, toasting their success. It was a grisly sight, with demon almost indistinguishable from human, each with blackened or blackening skin and hideous deformations, a mark of pride for evil ones, all clothed in the same charred, warped, Hell-wrought armor that only served to enhance their ugliness. However, to an evil person, what is evil appears good, and what is ugly appears beautiful. Thanks to the magic of Lucifer, and those like him, each member of the army thought themselves beautiful, deceived to the very last of their own superiority and right in their wrongdoing. Beneath a pile of defiled bodies, on which were perched several more awaiting, desiring the same treatment, Lucifer and the evil powers of the world sat and waited for the battle of Armageddon.
Lucifer was there, still as handsome and charming as ever, his magic powefurl and his illusion complete. He sat in warped splendour in his armor, a massive, two handed onyx blade at his side. He gorged himself with one hand on food and drink, casting most of it away for those crushed beneath him to fight over. With his other hand, he gorged in the flesh, taking and ruining men, women, demon, and all kinds in depravity before casting them aside too, as easily as he had cast wine and meat. Around him sat similar thrones of similar evils: Ahriman, from Persia; Iblis, the denier of Allah, Loki, from the old Norse, Shiva as the destroyer, Ancient Greece’s Demoness of Envy, and many others. All were foretold in different ways, on different lands, but all had reached the same conclusion.
The world, as we knew it, was to end.
“But of course,” Steve Waterhouse shrugged as he, Sara, and the rest of the Judeo-Christian alliance, the first echelon against the forces of evil marched on Megiddo, “That doesn’t have to happen today. Lucifer’s trying to force his hand, trying to bring something about ahead of time…or possibly bring something about twice.”
“Twice?” Sara said, readjusting her armor. Unfortunately, it was proving rather binding in the chest.
“Some believe that Armageddon already happened, and that we’re already living in the 10,000 years of darkness, or the reborn world, or we’re just a dream of a previous shattered reality. Whatever it is, Lucifer doesn’t know, and I suspect no one knows except the big guy. Personally, I wonder if the whole thing didn’t go down after Rome fell, and this is the new world.”
“Lucifer doesn’t know?”
“Nope,” Steve shifted his sword on the fly.
“But he’s trying to do it?”
“Early or late.”
“And you’re awfully flippant about this, Steve,” Sara’s eyes fell under hooded lids, “You’re doing that thing you do.”
“What thing I do?” he smiled innocently.
“You’re not telling me everything,” she hissed, “Just like when that priest checked into level three. What was his name…Heller, Henster…”
“Hensler,” he offered an answer, which only frustrated Sara more.
“See? You know all this stuff, Mr. Super-Devil-Man, so why don’t you let me in on some of the fun, huh?”
“Sara,” Steve said, a little worriedly, “It’s not that I know something. It’s that I believe something. I’ve got faith. I’m not all that worried about what will happen today because I know, somehow, it’s God’s plan and everything will work out all right. I know I can’t die, because I’m technically not alive, and I know that the rules of life and death are a bit skewed at the moment, anyway. I know I’ll probably get hurt, but with Thrones manning the med tents, and Seraphim guarding the Pearly Gates. I’m not too worried. It’s all a question of faith, Sara, and I can’t believe I’m saying that to you, of all people.”
“Faith is tough to keep going when you’re confronted with the unreal.”
“Nothing unreal exists,” Steve winked at her as they rounded a hillock.
“What book is that from?” Sara cocked an eyebrow, “Something from Buddhism?”
They came to a full stop.
“Star Trek IV,” Steve whispered to her.
“You’re awful!” She hissed back. There was a pause while the army readied itself. Pipers and drummers, and fife players came to the forefront.
“Nice touch,” Sara muttered out of the side of her mouth, “Was that your idea?”
“It’s easier to know that your redeemer lives if you’ve got the right music to back it up,” Steve answered back, “I was told to find an appropriate song for the army of Heaven to march on, and this kid from Wisconsin hooked me up.” They looked down at the massed enemy below, like a plague or a hill of vermin crowding around an ill-gotten scrap of food.
“There’s a lot of them,” Sara said.
“More than us,” Steve sighed, “But making the choice for good is not something everyone, or even most people, can do.”
“We’re gonna get help, right? From Jesus and all those guys?”
A stiff wind kicked up to ruffle Steve’s ginger hair. He shook it loose and smiled.
“You’ll see.”
Sara’s face turned red as a barn as she fumed, but dared not break formation.
“You’re a real ass sometimes, Steve Waterhouse.”
Another wind blew by, one of those strong winds that would often surge through the streets of Boston in late spring. It was one of those brisk winds that strengthens every fiber of one’s being and almost seems to whisper that indeed, there is some higher power behind it all and you will be protected by it, and all of the problems of this world will pass you by as simply as the wind.
“I’m glad you’re with me.”
Down the mountain, and across the plain, the armies of evil were startled by a sudden noise that split the darkened, smoky sky like an axe. From atop the hill, each of the soldiers of Good sang out in voices that were amplified by faith, striking the first blow of Armageddon straight to their blackened, hardened hearts.

Hark, I hear the harps eternal
Ringing on the farther shore,
As I near those swollen waters
With their deep and solemn roar.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, praise the lamb!
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Glory to the great I AM!

As the second verse began, the soldiers found they still somehow had the breath to continue singing with all their strength as they took broad steps down the hill in time with the fifes and drums. Before them, the armies of Evil scattered and stumbled to regoup.

And my soul, though stained with sorrow,
Fading as the light of day,
Passes swiftly o’er those waters,
To the city far away.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, praise the lamb!
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Glory to the great I AM!

The voices of the angelic choirs continued the song now, Cherubim, Powers and Dominions lead by Archangels, all singing from above, leading the air assault.

Souls have crossed before me, saintly,
To that land of perfect rest;
And I hear them singing faintly
In the mansions of the blest.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, praise the lamb!
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Glory to the great I AM!

The forces of Heaven, Heaven of all religions and paths that follow the belief in what is right, crashed into the forces of Evil as the same came to a close. The battle for creation had begun.

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