Dear EA Sports

When your game’s AI is so broken and cheap that it causes the people playing the game to rage quit and lose over two hours of gameplay… YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG.

…#$@%ing 90mph Slider out of nowhere…

2 thoughts on “Dear EA Sports”

  1. That was the love of my life, folks, posting under my name and expressing a little frustration with the 2005 PS2 gem “Psychonauts” which, while telling a frankly incredible story, has gameplay bugs up the arse like a man sitting naked on top of an anthill.
    Now, honey… just imagine that, instead of the bull being cheap ALL the time, it allows you to win until you start enjoying things, then brings the difficulty crashing down on your head. It’s that kind of bait-and-switch programming that burns my biscuits. At least Psychonauts is consistently frustrating?

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