Nope, I’m STILL not done!

In this incarnation, the Doctor is more of an action-oriented individual who tends to use a lot of techno-babble and unspecified “science-y” things to save the day. He dresses a bit out of style, but still in the fringe of modern fashion. He’s very British looking, yet exudes a sort of charm beloved by the current zeitgeist. He’s joined by a sexy vamp of a companion who seems a little ditzy, but usually turns out to be some kind of help. There’s a bit of tension between the Doctor and this companion and, when the companion winds up marrying one of the sidekick characters, the Doctor throws a bit of a sulk and wanders off alone. Finally, there’s a character the Doctor works with from time to time who doesn’t seem to share his view of the universe: this character prefers to speak with a gun as opposed to intellect, often providing a foil for the Doctor’s idealism and promising moments of high action fighting this week’s monster.

Now, you tell me: am I describing Jon Pertwee’s run, or Matt Smith’s?

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