Voyagers! Pilot, Part Seven

(We have a nice dissolve, then, from the streets of town to a warmly lit room inside the Wright’s workshop. WILBUR is in bed, asleep, but there is color to his face as seen by the hurricane lamp. We pan from WILBUR’S sleeping form to see PHINEAS, PETE, and ORVILLE standing over him.)

PHINEAS: (with a sigh) He should pull through all right.

ORVILLE: Oh, thank God.

PHINEAS: Although I scarcely think he’ll be ready to fly until…

(he checks the Omni with a nod)

The seventeenth, I should think.

ORVILLE: I just hope the weather’s fine out on those dunes by then. We can’t stay out here forever.

PHINEAS: (smiling) Oh, I think you’ll find the weather to your liking.

ORVILLE: You are so confident, Mr. Brinkley. Would that I had your confidence in our endeavors!

PHINEAS: (grinning broadly now) Well, what can I say? I know genius when I see it.

PETE: Other than when you look in the mirror?

(ORVILLE finds himself laughing, despite himself)

ORVILLE: Such a mouth on that one! He’s dangerous to have down here, and no mistake.

PHINEAS: You have no idea. Well, Orville, I think the two of us will tidy up shop downstairs… you have plenty to take care of.

ORVILLE: I thank you, sir. And you, too, young man.

PETE: (visibly uncomfortable) Uh… yer welcome.

PHINEAS: (clapping PETE hard on the shoulder) Come now, Johnny Moore, we have dishes to attend to downstairs.

PETE: Uh, right.

(They head outside the bedroom and shut the door securely behind them. They are not three steps down the stairs before PETE begins bubbling.)

PETE: Oh, man! I just got thanked by Orville Wright! Orville Wright himself, man! That’s… that is NUTS.

PHINEAS: (rolling his eyes) If only I could take every teenager back in time with me, he might gain a true understanding of History.

(they continue down the stairs, with PHINEAS adjusting his outfit in his customary businesslike manner)

Still, I suppose you were quite the help on this little excursion… the Omni doesn’t lie, after all.

PETE: What do you mean?

(PHINEAS holds up the device over his shoulder, where a bright green light is shown above the spinning globe in the center)

PHINEAS: Green light, Mr. Rodney. Off we go.

PETE: (stopping on the stairs) …what?

PHINEAS: That’s the rules, Mr. Rodney. Green light, good to go. If we stay here too long, we may even cause lingering damage to the timestream, and I dare say we’ve done enough tomfoolery as it is. Come along, Mr. Rodney… now that the job is over, we can see about getting you back to your time.

PETE: What about Orville and Wlibur? Or the pharmacist, or the mob in town? They’ve seen us, don’t they know we exist? Isn’t that one big problem to your timestream?

PHINEAS: The folks in town are too humiliated or scared of repercussion to mention anything about the strange incident until all credibility to their story will be lost. As for the Wright Brothers, Wilbur will write the whole thing off as a fever dream, and Orville will believe him. In a few days, the real W.C. Brinkley and Johnny Moore will arrive, and we will be pushed out of their memories. Never underestimate the human mind’s tenacious ability to forcibly forget troubling times, Mr. Rodney. Now, off we go!

(They’ve reached the bottom of the stairs now. PHINEAS holds up the Omni in the makeshift living room, and bids PETE to grab on as well. PETE is reluctant.)

PETE: I don’t think we should go quite yet.

PHINEAS: (wiggling the Omni aloft) Green light, Mr. Rodney…

PETE: But… we said we’d do the dishes, didn’t we?

(PHINEAS stops waggling the device and lowers it, slowly. There’s a strange expression on his face, puzzled but somehow familiarly pleased. )

PHINEAS: Did we?

PETE: You did.

PHINEAS: Well… (he smiles a little and leads PETE into the kitchen) a promise is a promise, after all. Go and fetch some water.

(he removes his coat and rolls up his sleeves)

I’ll take care of this in here.

(He steals a glance as PETE heads out the back door to the pump. He smiles and sighs.)

We’ve got some time.

(We see the warm light of a kerosene lamp illuminate the two as they set to cleaning up the Wright Brothers’ kitchen, a slow pull away out of the window over the sink that slowly fades to black. End of episode.)

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