Why I love my wife

So, as some of you know, I’m currently living 300 miles away from my darling wife for reasons of employment. Before I left for the first time, back in October, Luv decided to pack me all the stuff I’ll need, including toiletries like cologne and deodorant.

Fast forward 35 days.

It’s getting into winter, and it’s getting dry. My lips are beginning to resemble salt pork in the worst possible way. Any more of this and they might crack open and bleed. I’m on my way downstairs to see if I can covertly nick some of my mother’s carmex from the downstairs bathroom (currently living with my parents to get financials and living arrangements in order for when Luv moves out with me in a few months), and before I go downstairs I decide to check my toiletry bag… just on the off chance.

My chapstick is in there. I didn’t need it when I left, there was no telling if I would need it, but just to be prepared, she tossed it in there on the off-chance. She sees things I never will, her mind does everything mine doesn’t. That’s why I love her so much. She is my perfect compliment, she truly cares for me (as I for her), and she will always put my welfare ahead of hers.

I love my wife because she packs me chapstick, and for everything else that really means.

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