Still need a cool name…

I was still in college back then, still kicking ass in Jeopardy college version before I went to the full fledged show. Let’s just say it was helping me pay for my education. Hey, a private college isn’t cheap folks ^_^
Then it happened.
I was enjoying a corn dog in my friend’s dorm room, with both the microwave and corn dog at her expense. I was listening to my friend and her boyfriend as they got into yet another squabble.
“I’m telling you, babe, Marvel invented the anti-hero to beat DC…”
“I swear, if you give that speech one more time…”
Before I knew what had happened, the microwave had been struck with a bolt of lightning and exploded in my face, severely burning my corn dog beyond edibility. Before a shard of glass or radiation could puncture my skin though, the microwave was swallowed up in a black mist and blinked out of exsitence. Once I had recovered from the bizarre spectacle that had just happened, I turned around to look at my friends. Both were sitting on their hands and looking rather sheepish.
“So…” I said, my corndog-less stomach growling angrily, “When were you guys planning on telling me this?”

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