Why, yes, a bulletproof vest.

“How true to form, Robert,” Holocaust noted with a bit of satisfaction, “I had peppered my speeches with enough spaces for cliffhangers and dramatic pauses so that Ultro could make his necessarily heroic appearance. You are a bit late getting here, however.”
“I’m old now,” Bob grunted, “I’m stiff and sore somedays. I can’t say the same has happened to you.”
“I’m pleased you’ve noticed my youthful complexion,” Holocaust ran his left hand through medium length, perfectly styled blonde hair, “But you won’t have to worry about your aches and pains much longer.”
He swiftly drew a Luger with his right hand, aimed at Bob’s heart, and fired. Even with metahuman speed, Dan was barely there in time, his armor dented heavily by the close range bullet.
“Ah,” Holocaust shook his head, almost laughing, “I must always wait for the perfect moment to strike, I like a proper setup.”
Without warning, he fired three more shots. Ben quickly dove in front of Tom, erecting a forcefield in time for one of the bullets to be deflected. With his eyes shut as tight as he could, fearing the field wouldn’t hold, he heard the other two bullets ping off Dan’s armor. Safe.
“You won’t be able to protect them forever,” Holocaust said coldly, simply, “and if you continue to shield them, Benjamin, I will have no choice but to turn my attentions elsewhere.”
Ben didn’t have to wait to see the mad doctor turn his pistol on Lucy before he snarled.
“You son of a bitch, I’ll–”
The doctor wasted no time quickly burying a warning shot into the concrete just above Lucy’s left ear.
“You’ll what, exactly?” Holocaust said with a smile, turning around to face them again, “You’re powerless, more powerless than the rest of them. You cover yourself, protect yourself, you have almost no offensive capabilities. Tell me, is that the way you’ve always lived your life: hiding inside a bubble, raging against the world despite being impotent to combat it? How apropos.
My demands are simple,” He continued, “I simply wish to have an exchange with all of you: an exchange of ideas, and of rings. If you value the lives of your beloveds, you’ll surrender your powers to me so that I can complete my… collection.”
“Is that how you keep yourself young?” Claire called out, her face still red as she hung on the wall, “The power you siphoned off all the heroes who complied with the government?”
“Of course not,” Holocaust replied immediately, “their powers are only to inflict damage, to destroy. I have my own secrets to perpetual youth, and my own secrets as to what Congressman Abend has been up to.”
“Dan!” Ben hissed as much under his breath as he could muster, “Dan, while he’s distracted, take him out!”
“Ah, yes,” the doctor countered nicely, having easily heard Ben, “Why doesn’t Daniel simply attack? He has the speed, and the strength, he could easily beat me to a pulp. Perhaps he’s simply been waiting for the proper order to do so. He was always the Dumb Muscle in the unit, wasn’t he, Thomas?”
He fixed Tom with a smug gaze that caused a sneer to grow under Tom’s beard.
“Perhaps he’s afraid of what would happen, in his current emotional state, if he were to unleash his strength. You’ve lectured him on that before, haven’t you, Tom? Did some innocents get caught in the cross-fire? Did a loved one? You told him to keep himself, and his power in check… but what of you, Thomas? I bet you have all sorts of power in your mind, I would very much like to have a conversation with you.”
“Dan, just do what he says,” Gina called out, “give him your ring. Help me. Get me out of here!”
“Hold on, Gina, just… hold on!”
“I don’t want to hold on!” her voice was frenzied, desperate, “I want to leave, Dan! I want to get out of here!”
“I find her sudden loyalty intriguing,” Holocaust mused, “especially in light of her recently disclosed indiscretions.”
The words went through Dan like a thunderbolt. He was visibly weakened as he fumbled for a response. Doctor Holocaust aided him in finding it.
“Yes, she confessed not long before you arrived, Daniel. Thoughts of a most salacious nature.”
“I’m… I’m sorry, Dan. I’m just… I’m always so scared. I’m alone, you’re always working… I get so scared, I get so alone…”
Even covered in armor, it was obvious to see that Dan was crumbling inside. The rest of the family tried their best to bolster his courage, but it was all in vain. Dan finally collapsed to the point where he was nearly bent double and, with one movement born of frustration, he tore the gauntlet off his right hand. He flung it through the far wall and, with his other gauntlet,  ripped off his ring. Immediately his body flexed with the strain of holding the heavy armor, but he held firm. With a grunt, he tossed the ring across the sparse room. The small steel and diamond ring made several gentle noises on the concrete floor, coming to rest near Dr. Holocaust.
“Excellent,” said the mad doctor, “we’ll be in touch, Daniel. Go ahead, Tom, use your telekinesis to undo the manacles. I promise they aren’t rigged to any explosives… yet.”
In a trice, Gina was free, running to her husband. As she made to pull Dan away, he managed to stand firm.
“What’s the problem, Dan? Let’s go!”
“Not without the rest of them,” he said softly, struggling to his full height, “Holocaust, you have enough power to defeat everyone else in this room. Your mental power is now matched by the incredible physical power of that ring. For the ability to destroy us all, I ask only that you spare the women. My brothers… and my father… they can make their own decisions. Just, please… don’t hurt the women.”
“I see now,” Holocaust’s eyes seemed to glitter, “It was a woman, wasn’t it? Someone who got too close to your power, and paid the price. Was it one of yours, Dan? No, if it had been yours, you would not have found the strength to go on… it was one of Tom’s, wasn’t it?”
Ben swore he could hear the muscles in his eldest brother’s jaw tighten with an audible click.
“But Thomas, always the collected one… you had to pretend it didn’t really bother you, did it? No doubt she was the great love of your life, the one you did all of the fighting for… it would explain your… decisions with Melanie. You were alone, weren’t you, after your brother inadvertently murdered the love of your life… or was it really inadvertent? Surely you’ve scanned your brother’s mind countless times to find proof of that incident, haven’t you? Who would be able to resist, with the power you have. It isn’t like Dan, who can choose not to fight… you’re tempted every hour of every day. And after you pored over your brother’s mind, it was so easy to do another brother, a father, a mother… a fiancee…”
“Oh, shut up!” Melanie hollered from her perch.
“Tell her, Thomas. Look her in the eye and tell her you haven’t scanned her, you haven’t read her brain like a book and bent her to your whims. Haven’t you ever wondered, dear Melanie, why there are no children in your home? Perhaps it was another of Tom’s little tricks…”
A visible wave of pyschic energy tore through the room, flattening everyone and shattering the manacles in the process. When Ben finally pried his eyes open through a splitting headache, he saw Tom advancing on the villain, walking without touching the ground, his entire face alight and glowing with untapped energy. It streamed out from his eyes and mouth, forming a stark outline with his nearly-black beard. Ben forced himself to look away, into the face of Dr. Holocaust, who for the first time seemed to be showing fear.
I would never… I will not manipulate the woman that loves me. Her love is too precious to me to tamper. My powers are great, greater than any this world has ever seen… but my love is greater.”
He reached down and, with a motion of his hand, hauled Holocaust into the air by the collar of his SS uniform.
“I see all of time and existence. I know the thoughts of every creature that has lived in this universe. I can tap into the very soul of creation and bend it to my will. I could exterminate your brain and erase you from the continuum with a single thought. My power is infinite. I see your very subatomic source: you are only a man.”
The fear on Dr. Holocaust’s face turned into a sneer as he shot back into the face of God and the Devil and everything inbetween.
“Then do it, Almighty. Expel and purge the heretic. Excommunicate the filth from your congregation. Become what you are destined to be and smite me, O God!”
The power flew from Tom almost immediately, and he hit the ground hard. This gave Holocaust the change to swiftly snatch up Dan’s ring and painfully twist Tom’s arm into a gruesome figure. Tom bit back the scream of pain, feeling his molars crack from the exertion as he did so.
“Give me your ring.” Holocaust demanded.
“I can break you, Thomas.”
“Get out, everyone!” Tom screamed in agony, “I can hold him. Everyone, GET OUT!”
There was a sickening crack in Tom’s right arm, and his hand went limp. Still, Holocaust was unable to claim the ring. Tom’s mental block was holding.
“I’ll get the women,” Ben said, throwing up a force field, “Dan, get Dad to the exit!”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Dan said, over and over. It was Bob who had to help him to the exit of the room. They were soon joined by Gina, Melanie, Lucy and Claire as Tom’s screams again crashed against the walls of the bunker.
“Give it to me, Thomas,” Holocaust said, his tone growing less even, “I won’t ask again.”
“Burn in Hell,” Tom gritted, blood flowing from his mouth and nose, down into his beard.
There was another sickening crack, and both Tom’s arms were broken. Finally unable to handle the pain, Tom passed out and Holocaust gained both the rings. He placed his two fits together, glorying in the sensation.
“The power of Ultro… finally!”
He  turned to the assembled group, raising one arm and telekinetically tossing Tom’s senseless form in their direction.
“I’m done with that,” he said calmly, “and unless the one without any real powers wants to try and fight me, I’ll let you all on your way. I, naturally, have work to do.”
“You can’t get away…” Ben said slowly, almost as if it was involuntary, and odd.
“I believe the line should be ‘you’ll never get away with this,’ but seeing as how I already have…”
Dr. Holocaust sauntered over to the far exit of the chamber and punched a rapid sequence into a keypad.
“I really don’t have time for the melodrama. I know there should be some climactic battle now, but I’ve already been shown to be more than a match for all three of you, even with your powers, so it hardly seems necessary.”
“You haven’t fought me yet,” Ben said, stepping forward.
You?” Holocaust seemed on the verge of laughter, “the one with the green bubbles? Why should I even bother. I don’t even consider you a threat. You lack any sort of meaningful ability, such as your broth–”
“I’m going to stop you right there,” Ben spoke up, feeling his stomach clench as he did so. He’d always had a nervous stomach, and he was not envying himself tomorrow morning… if he lived that long.
“I know what you’re trying to do: you think that my biggest weakness is this feeling of impotence, of nothingness. I can’t possibly live up to my brothers, so you’re going to keep twisting the knife until you beat me in my own head. The thing is, Doc, you’re right. That IS my problem. The only difference is, MY problem isn’t YOUR problem.”
“I’m not sure that even makes sense, Benjamin.”
“Whatever. Do you know what it’s like growing up the fat, awkward kid in a house with those three? Dad, the man’s man, Tom, the Quiet Genius, Dan, the Headstrong Ladykiller? Nothing you can do to me will even come close to what the three of them used to do to me on a daily basis… but that’s family. Yeah, I’ve got some major problems, and sure, it still bothers me, and yeah, it keeps me up at night, but I had a luxury my brothers didn’t have: I got to grow up with both of them. I got the best of both worlds between the two of them, and I know that no matter how bad they piss me off, or how crazy the world gets and how much I just wish I could make it all go away…. I know for a fact that my brothers, and my father… and my sisters… I know that they’ll be there for me. You see, you can break us all down one by one, but we’ll never give up the fight because we still have each other, and even after some of us are dead and gone, our words, our essences will still be there, and that is where our strength is … and that’s why you won’t be able to beat us when we’re together.”
“I do believe someone has been watching too many episodes of My Little Pony,” Holocaust said after a pause, “Very well, if you choose the path of your own extermination, Weakling, I will grant it to you.”
He punched one last button on the key pad and the entire far wall opened up to reveal a massive, ogre-like creature: 30 feet tall, obscenely muscled, veins pulsing green under pale and clammy flesh. Stringy, sparse black hair hung in a greasy mop over beady yellow eyes that barely emerged from a hideously sloped forehead and malformed nose. As the beast snarled, sickly spittle fell from its blackened gums onto the floor in gobs, and the floor shook as it shambled forward on feet that looked closer to an elephants than a human being’s. It flexed massive arms that hung nearly to the floor as it waited, seemingly for a command from its master.
“Behold, what one iota of metahuman power can be manipulated to create. It is these creatures that will win the wars and subjugate the masses under me, as I use the twin rings of Ultro’s power to oppose any and all resistance. I will finally be given what it is that I deserve.”
He turned back to Ben, smiling broadly.
“I’m reading your mind as we speak Ben. I see every fear in your addled brain. More importantly, I see why you donned a costume and made yourself a ring: you believed that you had something to give to the world, you believed that you were ‘special’ and as such were held to a different set of rules and expectations. You refuse to believe that you are not destined for great things, but in the crevasses of your mind you fear the all-consuming night of death and pointlessness and a life that will not be remembered, a life that was not worth living. You fear very much what I fear, you want very much what I want. It is a shame that my Sonderkommando will be destroying you; we could have had many good conversations.”
Despite his brave words, those last comments struck at the heart of Ben: all of the conversations had with Dr. Dalton, with his mother, with his wife… he was no better than this monster. He wanted the same things, he believed in the same ideas of his own superiority and recognition… could it really be?
“Don’t listen to him, Banjo,”  Dan said, “I bet you could kick this monster’s ass.”
The fear seemed to melt from Ben’s body as he turned to his older brother.
“Really,” Dan smiled back, “just remember all those times you wanted to kick my ass when we were kids and… bang!”
He threw out his un-gloved fist in a mock punch. Ben couldn’t help but smile, too.
“Dad, Mom,” Ben said, “Can you get everyone out of here? You’ll have to carry Tom.”
“We got it,” Claire said as she began instructing the sisters on how best to bear Tom out, “good luck, Ben.”
“Yeah, good luck,” Melanie offered, still attending to her husband. Lucy ran forward and threw her arms around Ben’s neck, kissing him passionately as he held her as close as he could.
“I could just run away,” he mumbled through tears that ran hot down his mask, “we could all just run away, Luce.”
“Ben…” she pulled away for a bit, letting her bright eyes sparkle with tears before they ran down her freckled face, “I can’t pull you away from this. Not now. I believe in you.”
“Let’s go, everybody,” Bob butted in suddenly, Doc Holocaust’s being too patient in letting us say our goodbyes, he won’t be patient much longer.
With that, the sisters, Clare, and Bob made to leave. Bob called back to his old foe with bitter resentment.
“See you in Hell, Holocaust.”
“I doubt it, Ultro.”
Dan tarried in leaving with the rest. Gina came back to scold him.
“Dan, what are you doing? We’re leaving!”
“Ben… are you sure you don’t need any help?” Dan offered. Ben looked hard into his eyes, and saw that they, too, were filled with tears… but they also looked… almost excited, almost eager.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.”
“Hon, I have to stay with Ben,” Dan said simply, “he needs me right now.”
Almost immediately, Gina broke out into bitter tears.
Behind them, the massive Sonderkommando howled for its prey, but Holocaust held it still.
“No,” Gina whimpered, choking on her tears, “You never understood that, and you never will. I was never part of your family, not like this! You never made me part, I never felt like I belonged, and THIS…”
She brushed past her husband and made to walk across the hundred yards or so between the Graf boys and Dr. Holocaust. She turned back then, her voice full of venom.
“This just proves it. You never loved me… not enough!”
“I see that both of you brothers have chosen to die!” Holocaust’s voice rang across the room, “So be it. I have been fair in allowing only those who choose to stay to fight. You have both chosen; this is your battle. I am sorry to have lost the both of you, as you were both rather intelligent. Good-bye, gentlemen.”
He left then, down a labyrinth of corridors, with Gina hot on his heels, screaming through her tears.
And with that, they were both gone, and the Sonderkommando was released.

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