still need a kick ass superhero name.

I was asked how I got all my money to build my biothermal suit. Okay, fine, I guess they won’t buy the fact that I r0xx0rz at Jeopardy. Oh well. How bout this?
Of course, talents like mine don’t often go unnnoticed. It was after I had won my fifth consecutive Jeopardy title, and a Chevrolet SSR (midnight blue) that I was approaced by an Agent of the United States government. Apparently my little quiz show prowess had caught the eye of the feds. They wanted to take me in for a little “research” and they would compensate me generously. So they scanned my head a few times, made some observations, and I got some damn nice hotel stays and an assload of money. I can’t exactly complain. And besides, one of the friends I had made there told me as I left that “they had not yet found and conclusive way to duplicate my memory skills into either a human or cybernetic brain.” yep, the government does have cybernetic brains, you just don’t know about it. So every year I get a little pension check from the government for my services…and to make sure that I don’t squeal about anything important that I might have seen. Not saying that I didn’t have to scarifice as well. I am now the proud owner of a US government monitoring chip somewhere in my cerebral cortex. They know if I’m even thinking about doing something wrong. But what the hell? It was worth the money. And my little inside informant told me that after a coupla months, they stopped monitoring me. So I’d say it was money well spent. And, knowing how cheap I am with money, you can guess that I have invested, and spent it, quite well.
…okay, so my hobbit hole mansion was a gift to myself. I deserved it. Don’t judge me, I could buy your soul. heh heh.
Well, I guess that’s kinda lame, but it could breed lots of stuff for later on, like…
did the government ever make cybernetic drones of me?
what are the ramifications of me fighting crime with that chip in my head?
man, this explanation is kinda lame. maybe I should go back to the toaster story.

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