Only half-joking

I wrote Doctor Who stories for fun from 2006-2010. As I look back at them, I start to notice some interesting little quirks.

-Humans as hosts for Daleks
Me: Vox
Them: Asylum of the Daleks 

-A companion who is augmented to incredible intelligence
Me: Salt of the Earth
Them: Journey’s End 

-Companions marrying & married life within the TARDIS
Me: The Feast at Vaientaa
Them: The Eleventh Hour 

-Issues of infertility in female companion
Me: Salt of the Earth
Them: Asylum of the Daleks 

-A paradox weapon being used
Me: The Last Choir
Them: The Sound of Drums 

-The Doctor as an old man in a young man’s body
Me: The Strange Man
Them: The Eleventh Hour 

-The cyberman being ruined and operating beneath something in everday life
Me: Salt of the Earth
Them: Closing Time 

-Using a trick of time travel to siphon off energy
Me: TimeTrap
Them: Blink 

-Futuristic Tech showing up in Victorian London/Cyberman using a young woman to advance their plans
Me: Victorian Prime/Salt of the Earth
Them: The Next Doctor 

A character being introduced without a backstory, becoming very involved with a main character off camera, then sacrificing him or herself for another’s happiness
Me: TimeTrap
Them: Silence in the Library

A TARDIS crew featuring a man who wears bowties, a redhead, her husband, and a no-nonsense tough girl from the future:


 I’m just sayin’

Either I’m a genius, or I might want to talk to a lawyer 😉

There’s more, if you keep looking, but I figured after hearing about Asylum, I might finally make this post.

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