Happy Birthday to me

To the tune of:


He was born on a Summer’s day, 1985
With a hand by his head
Waving gaily as he made to arrive
His mother and father said “what a friendly boy”
We’ll teach him to be noble and good
Just like we should
He’ll grow up big and
He’ll never be dim
We’ll teach him how to help
Those who are worse off than him

Oh, oh, what a friendly boy
Oh, what a friendly boy
Oh, what a lonely boy

In the winter of ’88 his mother
Brought him a sister
And she told him that he had a job
To be a model for her
Well, he ran made sure to follow the rules
Even when children were cruel
He made sure to be lawful and good
He thought the world had understood

Oh, oh, what a kingly boy
Oh, what a kingly boy
Oh, what a kingly boy

[Instrumental Interlude]

But that Kingdom
Couldn’t last
And this monarch
Was stuck in his past

He left home on a Summer’s day, two thousand and three
And he hoped to find all the good people
Just like his family had been
Well, he thought he had friends
And he had a career
That his kingdom had come
Ah yes, it had come
But the bottom fell out
He had nowhere to go
If he hadn’t found his wife
He would have gone long ago

Oh, oh, what an ornery boy
Oh, what a ornery boy
Oh, what a ornery boy


Here’s to another year of intransigent mediocrity 🙂

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