Smells Like Millennial Spirit

Load up on debt, and go to school
You’re told that’s what you gotta do
To get a job and get ahead
But soon you’ll wish that you were dead

No jobs, no chance, no life, no way
No jobs, no chance, no life, no way
No jobs, no chance, no life, no way
No jobs, no chance, no life…

And the rich ones, they’re complaining
That we want now, some explaining
How come they have all the power
But they still act sad and dour?

A CFO, a CEO, a COO, a BMW
Yeah, hey

And generations came before
Who said that nothing mattered more
Than being true to yourself
But now they’re blinded by the wealth

A house, a kid, a car, I’m fine
Fuck you, you’re born at the wrong time
We thrived, it crashed, now it’s your ass
I’ve got mine, I’m all right

Now they don’t see how it’s dangerous
Gen X lied and they betrayed us
They slacked off and still got paid, yes
And they don’t see what the pain is

Shop a Walmart, pay the butcher, buy more stuff and, cheat the future
Yeah, hey, yeh

And I forget just why I try
Oh yeah, I guess I have to survive
My internship still goes unsued
At several thousand interviews

Hello, hello, hello, I’ll go
Hello, hello, hello, pay low
Hello, hello, put on a show
They’ll say we’ll call, but you know

That the youth are, scared and joyless
Here we are now, please employ us
We’ll flip burgers, park your Taurus
While low wages, will destroy us

Blame yourself and, don’t ask questions, the rich know the, right direction

A denial, a denial, a denial, a denial, a denial
A denial, a denial, a denial, a denial

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