Brevity: Too Many Benefits

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently (substitute teachers sometimes need to paint their parents’ house for extra cash during the summer) and during my hour-long one-way trek at the end of this week I noticed something odd. In a town of only about 3,000, I managed to see not one, not two, but THREE signs advertising benefits for local folks. Whether it be children stricken by illness, a local stricken as well, or possibly a benefit for someone recently and unexpectedly passed, the question remains the same:

Why are we having so many of these?

Doesn’t it say something as to the broken state of our social contract when someone has to beg others for enough money to cover the medical costs of their child? Doesn’t it seem odd that the regular, every day Americans need to have a bake sale or some such just to make sure that a neighbor can afford to bury their son without going bankrupt? I ask you… is something wrong here? I don’t seem to remember families in the 1950s having a block party to support someone losing a child to polio. Did this happen? Or are we making so very little, and we have so little health and wellness benefits… that we actually wind up seeing far, far too much of another kind of “benefit?”

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