Brevity – on the Benjamins

When I was a kid, $100 was an incredible sum of money. Almost unthinkable. My grandmother used to send me a bill every Christmas, and I deposited it into my savings account (as if I had a choice) like it was wood from the True Cross.

When I was in High School, $100 was still a lot of money. Heck, it could fill up the tank on my F-150 five times over.

When I was in College, $100 was a lot of money, but I was studying and working hard at a couple of part-time jobs so I would be able to get a good job once college was finished…

Imagine… if I was a teacher, I could make 400 $100 bills a year! Wow!

Now, I’m almost 30 years old… and guess what? $100 is still a lot of money. Turns out I only made about 150 $100 bills last year, so every one counts just a little bit more than it should, probably.

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