Still Here – Still Grumpy

So I really do like NPR. If all of my money didn’t go into piffling things like food and diapers (for the baby, not for me… but I do occasionally enjoy food), I would probably donate a significant amount and would swing that totebag with pride at my local farmer’s market, because that’s the kind of guy I am.

But sometimes… oooh, sometimes they make me so mad…

Yesterday, I was driving a rental truck out to fill it with diesel fuel and a special diesel exhaust fluid now mandated by federal law (thanks, Obama!) and I popped on NPR to feed my mind.

Instead, I got slapped in the face with this:

How to: Find a job mid-career

Every time NPR does something on jobs, it just seems to carve into further relief how absolutely clueless their staff must be on the troubles actually facing people looking for jobs. Once, just once, I’d like to have them call into the studio a 29-year-old who has spent his entire life gutting it out at middling part-time jobs he takes to survive, only to have those same jobs thrown back in his face when he tries to go full-time. Instead, we get brainless HR goons throwing out things like “hierarchies are flattening all over the place” and equally brainless callers-in (who, by some odd quirk, all have the same bootstraps-and-gumption story about how they worked hard and found a good job, so why can’t YOU, you LOSER) claiming that you need to “embrace the random” and “always be looking for a job.”

Now, maybe I’m just crazy, but it occurs to me, (as Sean Connery once said so beautifully) that if you find yourself in a system where your future and livelihood is dependent on embracing random chance and living your life in a constant stress loop of always looking for the next best thing, a loop that will do nothing but shorten your life and leave you constantly unfulfilled… well, in my mind it means that you need to CHANGE THAT SYSTEM.

As with most of my observations about “things today” it seems like we’re building up to something big, especially if you know your History… and I do. The more I read, and the more I think, I see that we will be faced with a simple challenge now and in the near future to prevent the more distant future from being, possibly, a nightmare. We fight to fix these broken systems now, or we will be fixing for a fight later.

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