It had been a hard fought battle, raging through Kenosha and into Racine, and ending up in an abandoned old warehouse. The villian Tundra had set off what he called a “cold bomb” in the center of Kenosha, covering the city in a layer of ice. I was the only one who was able to break free of the icy spell, thanks to my biothermal radiation. I was able to defrost my friends and, through some careful calculation, we knew that the people of Kenosha didn’t have much time before severe damage would set in.
“Yeah, and imagine the freezer burn,” Navajas was always one to crack a joke.
With the Cold Bomb robbing him of most of his ice energy, Tundra was weak. My friend Jade made quick work of finding him via her super speed, and was able to reverse the affects of the bomb before any severe damage set in. The city was melted, and all was saved. That was until Tundra struck from behing, using the last of his energy to freeze her legs fast into the ground. We came across her in a shivering mass on the ground, being so taken with hypothermia that her super speed could not free her from an icy prison.
“What kind of cowardly son of a bitch strikes a woman…and from behind?” I seethed as a slowly defrosted her legs. She came back out of shock slowly, and the pain of her face as the blood rushed back to her body was too much for me to bear.
“You guys take care of her. Justin, I’m borrowing your motorcycle.”
“You can’t even ride a bike.”
“I’ll manage.”
“Eric…be careful…” Jade muttered through blue lips, “d-don’t let him freeze you, he’ll kill you.”
She was right. With my body heat being absorbed into the suit, a massive chill would simply shut down my system faster than a normal persons’.
“Don’t worry, Jade, I’ll be all right,” I knelt down beside her and brushed a wayward hair out of her face.
“D-don’t go…g-getting yourself killed,” her eyes were filling with tears. She knew that Tundra and I could inflict massive amounts of damage on each other. She didn’t want to see me die.
“Don’t worry, kiddo. You guys have given me a reason to live now, I won’t go down so easily,” I cracked half a smile, which turned to a serious frown. I looked into her eyes again.
“Look, don’t go feeling bad if I don’t make it back, I might not, but don’t worry. I promise, no matter what happens, that I’ll always be watching over you guys.”
“Eric, let me and Navajas help.”
“No, man,” I waved him away, “this is my fight. People don’t go fucking around like this and escape me. You don’t strike a woman and you don’t strike from behind. That is not honorable, and he will pay for it.”
I bent down one more time and brushed a tear from Jade’s cheek. I remember wondering if it was a tear of pain or compassion.
“Don’t worry, I’ll always be watching over you.”
And with that, I smiled, she smiled, and I left.
Navajas’ V-Rod was one fine machine, and for my first time on a motorcycle, I made pretty good time. Tundra was weakened, and the summer night probably wasn’t doing much good for him. It hadn’t rained for weeks in Racine, but I was able to follow large melted puddles all the way to a new office building that was set to be coronated next week. I noticed that the puddles were getting closer and closer together, as he was losing speed. I parked the cycle outside the building and walked cautiously inside. Immediately my breath was taken away. Talk about air conditioning! I checked my personal thermometer, and it was far below zero in that place. I slapped my hands against my sides and ran in place to try and generate some heat. Without heat, I got no power. I could feel that chill air raking through me, threatening to blow out my inner furnace. I enjoy it being cold and all, but this is ridiculous. I kept stumping around this office building, noting that the furnishings hadn’t arrived yet. It was just a metal skeleton of a building, with a slick icy floor and icicles hanging from the ceiling. The contractors would have a fit if they could see this, I thought. My thoughts were soon cut short by a low, ghastly voice that seemed like it too was made of ice.
“So, which one are you?” the questioned echoed throughout the building.
“I am known by many names,” my voice was loud and commanding, thretening to shatter the walls and floor beneath me. “I am called the Flammenherr, the gentleman of flame. I am a fire breathing Dragon, and an Angel of Fire. You, sir, struck a woman and struck her from behind. That was not good form nor was it honorable, Mr. Tundra. I am here to punish you, to make you pay for violating the code of Right.”
A rasping, grating laughter rang througout the place, followed by harsh words spat in hatred.
“You are here to show me what is right? You call yourself an Angel? Well then, gentleman, I hope that your flame can protect you from what is before you.”
“What–?” my eyes quickly refocused in the dark to reveal a sight that chilled my heart.
“The cold bomb I set off in Kenosha was merely a diversion. This one will freeze the Lake Michigan coast all the way to Chicago, and even your group will not be able to rescue everyone from a death of hypothermia and ice.”
“Dear God,” my mouth fell agape. The bomb set off in Kenosha was the size of a wristwatch, which was how Tundra set it off. This was a massive apparatus, stretching from ceiling to floor, and taking up the space of what would have been the building’s lobby. It was a massive, frozen circle of metal, ready to enact a frozen wrath upon this world that even I could not withstand.
“You’re a fucking lunatic, Tundra! What do you want to accomplish by doing this?” I shouted.
“Oh, nothing much, I just enjoy seeing people shiver and die. Especially children. To see their cherubic little faces turn blue and their movements become slower and slower until they simply stop moving at all, and accept my icy embrace. It’s so lovely to see people freeze to death, they die so quietly, without any screaming or shouting, yet the pain is very real. The chilling of your blood, the numbing pain, and finally the lapse into darkness that ends it all. That is what I mean to accomplish, to use Chicago as my own perpetual winter wonderland, to stroll down the streets with their frozen inhabitants and shatter their bodies like pinatas. Oh how lovely it would be…
…my own City of Ice. Infinte quiet and peace, wrapped in a soft blanket of eternal cold. But first,” he said, emerging from the shadows next to his massive bomb, “I will take great pleasure in killing you first, the master of the flame will be extinguish, the first to fall to my reign of Ice. After Chicago, the entire world will learn what it is like to freeze to death. Ah, I can almost feel it already…”
“Feel this, jackass,” I muttered and fired a salvo of fire at his face. He extended a hand, and my flamed turned to ice in midair and shattered on the ground.
“Now, let me try my hand…” he turned his head slightly and cracked his neck. He then extended both hands and fired back.
A cold, and icy gripping cold, surrounded me an threatened to smother me. I had to fight back, I can’t let the world be frozen! I ripped at the frozen wall, tearing off a shard of wall tile frozen into an icy spike. With all my strength I dropped to the ground and hurled it, watching through a blue face as the spike buried itself deep within my adversary’s knee. He went down quickly and bought me a few minutes.
However, the damage had been done. I felt my heat system going haywire, robbing my body of all its heat and shutting down my heart. I knew the end was coming, but I could not let him win. I gasped out my last words. In retrospect I think it sounded rather nice.
“You know, Tundra, my suit comes with quite a few batteries that store my flame energy. Together the batteries have enough fire power to equal a small sun. Do you know what this building is constructed of? Metal. With my power I could melt this metal with a snap of my fingers and trap us all inside a dome of steel for all eternity. All I have to do is release my batteries. All I have to do is…this…”
It was, surprisingly, the easiest thing I had ever done in my life. I saw Tundra’s eyes grow wide as I reached to my left side and flipped one small switch, then pushed a red button. In a trice my body was engulfed in flame, as was the building. With the last cognitive effort that I remember, I pulled the fire into a dome over our head, a dome of melted steel. The heat caused Tundra’s cold bomb to explode, but my fire was able to keep it at bay, the bomb managed to cool the dome over our heads, sealing us off from the outside world in a metal capsule. It was then that I fell to the ground, and I remembered no more.
I was told later that I had saved millions, and that the dome became a monument to my heroic feat. It would serve as the grave for my charred and destroyed body, and my deeds would be carved into the steel. I was told that it read
It would be a while before I was able to read that inscription with my own eyes.
Before I was reborn…

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  1. Eric freakin’ sweet as always. I think I know where your going with this and I think this is a great way to revamp your character, but you jumped around so much. Do you think we can go back and fill in the gaps or are you really wanting to move on and restart your character? Any way, like I said story rocks as always and I can’t wait to see more.


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