Nothing like laying in the back of a truck on a 20 degree night…

Hey, you there?
*snaps fingers* Hello?
Can you see me?
Yeah, there’s gauze over your eyes. Quite a bit, too. Hopefully you should only see a rough outline of me. I’d ask you what you can see, but as you probably noticed already there’s duct tape on your mouth. Original silver, none of that black shit. Duct tape should be silver, don’t you agree?
Anyway, by now you’ve probably clocked that your feet and arms are bound as well. Strong rope, good knots. Boy scout skills never die, am I right? Well anyway, don’t try to move or anything. If you try to escape, I’ll have to kill you, slowly and painfully, and neither of us want that, right?
So yeah, you’re a bright guy, big time journalist and all, so I figure you know who I am now. You’ve probably heard terrible things about me, that I’m a freak, a psycho, a detriment to human society, etc etc…but I’m not that bad of a guy. You know who I’ve killed, you’re a bright guy, look at all of em. Cheats, sneaks, liars, bad people, right? It’s not like they deserved to live or anything, right? And yet I’m labeled the bad guy in this situation. That part always makes me chuckle.
I kill bad people, and I’m a bad guy.
So, to be a good person, I’m supposed to let bad people walk around and do bad things? I don’t think so. So I decided to just do something about it. I got sick of bad people doing bad things and getting away with it, so I started killing them. Quickly at first, just a little pop pop in the head or something, really crude. But as it went on, I got more technical. I started to relish my work, the truly good thing I was doing. If there’s a God or Allah or Bhudda or whatever, I’m sure he understands what I’m doing. They have done bad things to good people, and need to suffer accordingly. The length of the suffering equals the severity of the offense, right? Right.
So I kill some people. It’s not like anyone’s broken up that they are dead. Christ, I took out a pimp the other day and his wife, who was one of his former girls and was abused as such, felt so gratified she offered to do me. She was so happy I had killed that bad man that she offered herself to me. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s probably a sense of gratitude.
So you’re here. And I’m telling you all of this. Why? Am I going to kill you too? Nah, you’re a good guy. So I have you bound, gagged, the whole she-bang, and I’m making you listen.
You are listening, right?
Anyway, I’m making you listen so you’ll tell my story when you get back to your journalism job. So people will know what I’m doing and why and maybe they won’t see the spin on me as some sick jerk-off. I just want to get my message out there. I apologize that I’m going to have to knock you out now, which pains me greatly, but it’ll be better in the long run.
The good people need to know, so they’ll have no reason to fear.
The good shouldn’t fear.
You shouldn’t fear.
Well, thanks for listening.
You are listening, right?
Thanks for listening.
Once again, I apologize for knocking you out. Oh…and for knocking you out before to get you here.
I hope you can come to forgive me, maybe even thank me.
So, I won’t see you later, but you’ll sure be hearing from me.

Man, I’m bored. ^_^

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