If I may return to third grade for a bit…

My brothers are so cool.
Although they seem, on the outside, about as different as night and day, they’re both really cool people that I hope to be somewhat as cool as someday. I mean, come on, I can go online on one hand and see my younger older brother’s mug as the Anchorman of a TV station out west, or go to another site and see my older older brother as front man to a punk rock band. And they’re both just good, honest, hardworking people… I just hope I get to be like them one of these days, and that some day some little kid can look to me like I looked to them.
In other news, I wanna be a fireman when I grow up!
Not really. No, that dream went out the window when I saw a little movie called Backdraft ^_^
Just wanted to let you know I think both of my brothers are super neato keen. I just think sometimes people forget to say things like that about their families, because it’s sort of implied. But I think it’s nice to say it about them anyway. No matter how much of a GQ one might be or how much of a maverick the other may appear, they’re still two of the coolest guys I know and I love that they’re my brothers.
Sorry, but after seeing my older older brother up there on stage tonight, rocking out and looking so sure of himself and so talented and so HAPPY… I just realized that I’d like to be looked at like that some day too.
If only I had a little brother to idolize me. Oh well, I guess that’s what kids are for.
Except, of course, for the process of making them, hee hee ^_~
Until tomorrow, I tenderly remain,

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