Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene

I made the perfect Kool-Aid yesterday. I just found out this morning because it had to cool properly. Filtered water, just enough sugar (I was afraid I had added too much) and grape flavor explosion. The world changes and the mountains crumble to the sea, but Kool-Aid is forever ^_^
Found out the best time to toodle around K-Town is about 9:30 on a Sunday morning. The roads are civil and the stores fairly empty. It was nice.
Also, I’d like to clear something up. I had a red face. It’s just natural. I have dry skin, so I have to moisturize, so the extra contact makes me look ever more the round-faced, apple cheeked youth that I am. I’m not drunk (as some people have wondered) and I’m not in a constant state of embarassment… I just have a red face.
And now…more words from Tour!

Romance. I lost it, sometime last summer. Maybe I gave it away, or it was taken from me. All I know is that I do not feel the way I used to. Maybe I’m just growing up, or maybe I’m just blowing out.
I used to be Mr. Pie in the Sky, Mr. Movie Miracle, Mr. Romantic Fool who was always hoping for that storybook, picture perfect, charming and shmaltzy ending. But somewhere, sometime last summer, I lost that. It’s like I’ve hardened my heart. I cannot tell whether this is a natural proression into adulthood and a fresh pursuit of meaningful and mature relationships… or if I’m just going bonkers, cynical and grumpy, and moving closer and closer to a shack in the woods.
I don’t feel what I used to. I don’t feel that silly yearning, or that empty feeling. Maybe I found what I was looking for, and it was in myself. I don’t feel like I need someone anymore. Christ, right now I’m in such transistory limbo that I don’t I could handle one. My experience is limited. I feel like I have many social years to make up. Like I need to go to some remedial life school or something. Right now, sure, something would be nice, but it’s not necessary.
I’ve gone some 20 and a half years without a full a proper relationship. For about ten of those, I’ve been yearning for that affection. River, Catherine, X, Melanie, Tempest, Sunny, Barber, Dame, Elevator…and so it goes. One to another, ever since 5th Grade. But it’s not the same anymore. I’m not all goggle-eyed and overwhelmed. I’m more resigned and despondent. Those I like never work out, and neither does trying to force myself onto people who like me. An impasse, a SNAFU, FUBAR and with no end in sight.
So I’m just sotra floating. For the first time in my life, since third grade and an innocent playground infatuation, I have no serious, palpable romantic interest. From infatuation to lust to love and around again…my chain, my cycle is broken. This happened once before, post-Melanie and pre-Tempest. This time, however, it might last longer than a few months. During times like this, I’m lost within myself, for a large part of me is not there. So I wander until my life settles out again.
And if it doesn’t there’s always a shack in the woods ^_~

And now for something, completely different.

The music sucks today.
When I turn on my FM dial,
I can barely stand the style,
Where did it go wrong?

The children suck today.
Little bratty bitches keep on
shitting in their britches,
Where did it go wrong?

Maybe it’s all gone to hell
or maybe I’m just old…

I’m 20 going on 65
Don’t fit the demographic
I’m 20 going on 65
The world around me makes me sick

The schooling sucks today
No one’s learnin’ nothin’
Unless you put your time in,
Where did it go wrong?

The parents suck today
Pass ’em on and get ’em through,
Our selfish lives need focus too,
Where did it go wrong?

Maybe it’s all gone to shit
or maybe I’m just old

I’m 20 going on 65
Reverse Senility
I’m 20 going on 65
Or maybe, I’m just me?

The culture sucks today
Selfish pricks are out of touch,
Caring bout their lives too much,
Where did it go wrong?

The future sucks today
No respect mentality
Will lead to high mortality
Where did it go wrong?

Maybe it’s inevitable,
Or maybe I’m just right

I’m 20 going on 65
Waiting for the world to lose it’s lid
I’m 20 going on 65
Now get off my porch you damn punk kid

As you can see, tour was…interesting ^_^
Until tomorrow, I tenderly remain,

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