Just an old friend…

As I stood there, the waters from Lake Michigan quickly drying on my angelic garment, I looked up at Tarble residence hall, where my friend Jade lived. Ironic that they set me down where she lived, or was it providence? Either way, I figured that most of my friends were up there with her, because it wasn’t quite ten o clock. “If only I had a phone,” I thought. That was when I heard a cell phone go off in the pocket of my jacket playing, of all things, “Angels Watching Over Me.” I began to sing along with it as I walked down the beach.
“All night, all day, Angels watchin’ over me, my Lord,” I sang lightly as I punched in the numbers. Angelic cell phone, sweet. And a kickass reception to say the least. I held the phone up to my ear and I heard Jade’s roommate answer the phone. I tried to disguise my voice the best I could.
“Hello. Is Jade there?”
“Yes she is, may I ask who is calling?”
“Just…just say it’s an old friend.” I smiled.
I heard a small bit of silence and then a distant calling of Jade’s name. Then I heard her pick up the phone.
“Hi there Jade.”
“Who is this?”
“Who do you think it is?”
“…I really don’t know. Look, I’m really busy, got a lot of homework to do. I don’t know who you are, but–”
“It’s Fop.” I said.
“What?” came her befuddled voice.
“It’s Fop,” I repeated, “finest in the shop. Or try some Shepherd’s Pie peppered–”
“…With actualy Shepherd on top…” I heard her voice on the brink of tears.
“Now do you know who it is, pal?”
“But…but you’re dead…”
“Not quite,” I smiled, “well, yes and no, I’ll explain it later.”
“Later? You’ll explain it now, dammit!”
“Only where I know it will be safe to discuss it, if you atch-cay my rift-day.”
“Ahhh, I understand. Well, Logan and Spidon are already halfway there, it’s almost time for Adult Swim, so I guess we can both let them know, eh?”
“Sounds like a plan. Maybe I could really freak the shit out of them.” I laughed.
“I’ll see you there!” and she hung up the phone.
It was but the work of a minute for me to glide over to Johnson Hall, my wings making quick work of the travel.
“Aw dammit all,” I muttered, “I can never remember what brick it is.” So I began tugging at each of the bricks outside of our basement window. Finally I found the right one. A nifty little elevator opened up where the grate used to be, and I was trasported down into our inner sanctum, where my money gained during my life on earth had bought us state of the art surveillance equipment, Logan’s bike, some other forms of transportation, and other necessities for crime fighting. As I entered I could hear lightly the theme to Futurama being played upstairs. I had to plan my entrance just right so I could really freak ’em out. Let’s see, the ol’ fire and brimstone or a casual walk in and say hi? Hmmm….
Dressed in a white hoodie and black shorts, I used my old key to enter our room via the inner sanctum. This opened up behind our beds, so I was able to walk into the living room, sit down next to them, crack a Coke, and watch some TV.
“Hey guys,” I said.
“Yo.” “Hey.”
“What’s new with you guys?”
“Not much, how bout you?”
“Died, went to heaven, became and Angel, sent here to protect, not much with me either.”
“Sounds like fun.” Logan said, his gaze not shifting from the television, “can you grab me a Coke?”
I smiled. “Sure thing.” It was nice to be back.

One thought on “Just an old friend…”

  1. Baker- I thought you were dead.
    Old Man- Not completly. Are we ever?

    Just another Sondheim quote after you got me started.
    Though I think I’d freak out more if I thought you were calling me from the other side (I mean think of the roaming charges).
    Something to think about.


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