Another one Lost

People refer to the generation that lived through World War I as the Lost Generation, stemming from their incredible disillusion with the world following the Great War. In a way, the war and the aftermath thereof completely transformed the world into a new modern era, but left most of the people behind. Locked in the old world mindset in this new and frightening world, people became cynical and upset with the world, spiteful of the era that had robbed them of their naivete.
To a lesser extent, watch that happen to the children of the Clinton Years.
Remember the Clinton years? Everything was good. Future was so bright, had to wear shades, etc etc. Our generation was promised the world, money, the good life, you name it. Sadly, as we can see right now, things aren’t quite the same as they were under the pudgy Arkansas boy with the funny accent. Now, if that’s to blame on the current bloodthirsty, warmongering, idiotic and misguided administration or on a natural cycle of the world, who knows. Well, you know where I stand, anyway ^_~
But seriously, when our generation comes into the real world (if we ever leave Mom’s basement) things will not be good. We were promised a lot, and there’s really not a whole lot left for us now. Expect to see very many people bemoaning the state of the world and turning to cynicism and disillusionment, I bet you money.
But hey, that period gave us some good literature and thought, so maybe it’s about time.
Until tomorrow, I tenderly remain,

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