Post Production

I try not to pull a George Lucas.
These stories are done.
Complete scripts can be found here.

Henry VIII – The story of a praying mantis who just wants to fall in love without getting his head bitten off. Set to the rollicking tunes of Herman’s Hermits! Rated PG for a few implications.

The Adventures of Steve Waterhouse – When Lucifer finally incurs the brunt of God’s wrath and is locked away in the 10th circle of Hell, who will they find to replace him? Why, an idealistic pro-bono lawyer from Boston, of course! Rated PG-13 for naughty words and some situations.

Doctor Who – Follow these original adventures of my alternate Time Lord hero and his companions as they battle the Daleks, the Cybermen, and all the rest! VWORP! Rated G for Whovians of all ages.

We Are Golden: The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Bill Brown is a middle-aged schoolteacher who is plagued by daydreams that are growing more and more invasive. What do they mean for his life? What do they mean for his wife? And who is the mysterious woman he keeps seeing in them? Based on, and with music from, the album by Mika. Rated PG-13 for situations.

Ashley & Will – Above a Latino grocery in the Bronx, a boy named Ashley and a girl named Will become serendipitous roommates and the strangest of friends. Told in installments to a mutual friend shooting a documentary. Rated R for language and situations.

Welcome to the Space Marina – In the world of Star Trek, where brave and bold captains save the universe everyday… what is it like for the average, workaday guy? Rated PG for language.

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