Pre Production

Still percolating in the old brainbox, these are!

After the Ball is Over 

 A fading dance hall maven and her manager carry on in the years after The Great War

Fill Up My Cup

 An American Edwardian musical tale of a young Jewish immigrant girl making her way as a barmaid. Ready for the Crazy Bomb? I’m gonna try to set this to the Black Eyed Peas.


Political drama/thriller where an out-of-work atheist teacher, his fundamentalist wife, and his close cadre of friends and family mount a bizarre but unique campaign for the US Senate.
It’s The West Wing for Millennials.
See an episode breakdown HERE!

The Origin of Love

Based on another MIKA album, this prequel musical follows the story of Georgia and how she became the person we meet in “We Are Golden.”

No Place in Heaven

The newest and still most skeletal, this would fill out the “Golden” trilogy by focusing on Jake’s backstory and his experiences observing the previous two stories from his perspective as “detached, cool guy.”

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