The Back of the Fridge

Stories that, for one reason or another,
are just not going to be touched.

It’s like that bit of coleslaw you forgot about three weeks ago, and when you finally dig it out…

you just know you’re not going back to that again!


The Angel of Flame – All the way back in 2004 I put together a story that was supposed to be a comic done by a then-friend. The original story was that my character got superpowers from an exploding microwave. I wrote this instead.

Hosier – A pompous bit of navel-gazing that I might return to someday… but probably not.

Days of Bread and Chocolate – One boy, one girl, the city of Kenosha, and a lot of bread.

Tip & Eddie – Two guys talk about food and love. I haven’t used ’em in years, but I don’t have the heart to give them the axe.

Musicals – A couple of various projects that are more or less stillborn: good ideas, but the execution still needs work.

Punk Talk – A series of essays on punk music. Probably not going to be updated, but worth a look.

In Defense Of – A more mature approach to ranting, with a set topic and a set goal. If you want mindless ranting, try the “Madman” tag.

Media Mondays – I talk about movies, TV, anime, whatever grabs me in a standard review format. Fair warning: I don’t much like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

80s Animals – Cute animals with captions from movies from the 1980s. YOU LIKE THIS.

Sometimes, there's politics