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I recently saw Amadeus in full for the very first time.

Is it a good movie? That depends.

Do you like it?

Then, it is good. If you do not like it, I have no comment on the matter.

There now, everyone is happy… yes?



Yeah, sorry. Life got in the way, what with the Holiday weekend and the obligations to in-laws and all that being a grown-up stuff. But hey, I’ve got a nice new TV stand thingie that me and Luv put together ourselves! Like, with hammers and stuff! It’s purdy.
With any luck, there’ll be a GenEx update tomorrow…er… later today, but for now enjoy little Hank the cat. Is he simply adorable, or biting social commentary? YOU DECIDE!


This has been me for the past two days: right knackered. I’ll have some info on Anime Central in a little while, but for now still expect updates on Wednesday. That spacedock has to fall, after all.


As promised, here’s another adorable animalĀ  accompanied with a quote from an 80s movie. I’ve decided to give up doing movie reviews due to an issue regarding an obvious mistake in my personal opinions. As penance for my aberrant web-behavior, I’ll instead be running this series, which I’m sure the average internet denizen can enjoy.
If this seems a little passive aggressive, remember that I’m new to the workings of modern culture. Near as I can figure, Passive Aggression works sort of like currency in the Facebook universe.


Guy Montag.