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Here’s one for the Twitter folks

For those of you who don’t know, a Phoenix mayor recently spent a week on the monetary equivalent of food stamps ($29 a week for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) to try to prove a point. So, all you redditors and tweeters and tumblrs and instagram fiends, here’s a challenge. Let’s make this the new planking, “snapping.” See  if YOU can make it on $29 a week for food. Post pictures. Blog about it. Update your Facebook page with it. Let’s make a statement here about what it’s really like to be, as Mr. Romney puts it “entitled to food.” Here’s a hint: it isn’t easy.
Let’s not turn this into a bourgeois-hipster slumming game, let’s try to say something here. Let’s actually draw attention to just how tough it is for people out there. Use social media to tackle the social issues, and to show everyone how the other half lives, even decades on from Jacob Riis’ seminal work. Mr. Romney, through his comments, has all but gifted us an excuse to talk about the inequality, which has not seen levels like this since the Gilded Age Mr. Riis originally wrote about.
Let’s all be Jacob Riis for a week. Let’s show all of America how people live in the “Greatest Country on Earth.” Let’s start snapping.