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The more things change…

I try to do different things, to make things change. I try to forget the old and move on, but sometimes it is nearly impossible.
Flammenherr – flame gentleman
Hitzenengel – Heat Angel
I was thinking, “comic book names can be so lame sometimes, but if I say it in a different language, people with think it’s exotic and cool!” so I went with a good, powerful language like German. There are some that believe that it won’t work, but look at some of the names that have gone over in the past.
The Human Torch
The Flash
even Green Lantern
and Speedy? Seriously, I mean comic book names almost have to be lame sometimes, but I’m trying to not make this look like a bunch of kids wrote it. I don’t want this to be a “comic” I want it to be
and alive!
I want this to be something that I can be proud of. Not just a goof off project. That’s probably where I’m separating from the rest of the group. I would actually like to write for a living, even for comics. Hey, if someone can plan his children’s names when he’s 18, then I can have dreams of being a writer, so nyah!
There are just too many attractive women in my life, I have to tell you. Problem is I don’t think I’m good enough for any of them. One of these days I am really going to have to come out of my shell, my hole, whatever you want to call it. I need to get some guts, a spine, some cojones (thank you Road Dogg) and actually try sometime. I mean, being cautious and cheap is great for money and driving, but it’s shit for the social scene. I got a readthrough Monday, so maybe I can make some kind of an impression there.
Got a concert tomorrow. The home concert for the choir tour. I’m really nervous, because I know it means a lot to people, and with my solo I don’t wanna screw it up. I want to be thought of as a guy they can count on. I want to be a leader in that choir when I get older. Same thing in the theatre. The respect and thoughts of my elders weigh heavily on me. I want nothing more than to be thought of well in their eyes.
Oooooh….flammenkaiser, flame emperor. I’m beginning to think, though, that flammen is too easy of a word, and that the people are going to see it right away. Maybe that’s a good thing, so it’s exotic but not too much. Only time will tell. I’ll pitch these to my bosses over at 418 ^_~ and see what they think.
Gaw, ever since last night I’m having trouble getting thoughts of Barber out of my head. Annoying I know, and probably really boring for you guys, but that girl on stage really reminded me of her, and that I’d like to get to know her a little more. *sigh* sometimes I wonder.
Schwartzerengel Black Angel…wow that’s too long. Maybe I’ll give up on the German thing, after all, they’ll just say the English anyway?
I’m getting hungry. I could go for some good pizza. It is saturday night after all. Saturday night is always pizza night at my house. We all get together and we all make the pizza together and then we sit down and watch a movie while we have homemade pizza and generic brand pop ^_^ Gaw I need to get home soon. Gettin’ all misty just thinking about it.
Well, that’s about all I got. I’m going to see Jersey Girl tonight, so I’ll let you know how that is. I’ll probably love it, hopeless romantic that I am. hee hee.
The others may be expecting more Kevin Smith-ish stuff, but I know they’ll love the romance, the big softies.
Yikes, here comes the suffocating cloud of roommate cologne again. I’d better sign off.
catch you later.